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Gaston Mercier, the innovative saddlery

An original concept

Conduit par un concept original et exclusif, nous fabriquons depuis plus de 20 ans des selles polyvalentes, ergonomiques et légères.

Ainsi, nous avons remis au goût du jour un principe qui consiste à reculer le poids du cavalier sur le dos du cheval, pour alléger l’avant main et favoriser l’équilibre du couple dans une monte sportive, sans fatigue et au plus près du cheval. Read more

The saddlery

Gaston Mercier, a native of Aveyron, was a horse breeder, a professional rider starting in the 1970's, a certified trail riding guide, and then a high level competitive endurance rider for 15 years (French Champion, European Champion two years running in 1987 and 1989).

His keen interest in tack and leather led him to collect and dissect old saddles and equipment. But this did not prevent him from thoroughly investigating avant-garde composite materials and their potential for adaptation.

He is a dedicated observer who found inspiration from the master horsemen and in the uses of military horses whilst readily calling into questions preconceived ideas. He developed his first prototypes in the early 1980's. He revolutionised the DNA of saddles and also rethought the whole range of accessories.

The excellence of French know-how

In 2011, on the strength of 25 years of existence combined with the ongoing process of handing down the business to his son Manuel over several years, and thanks to the skills of a strong team of 15 people, the company has earned two labels that reward the hard work and efforts placed in the design and manufacture of our entire product range and our determination to keep all of production in France. The company is Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) and has the label Made in Aveyron.

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Special offert

From January 7th until February 17th, 2015 include only on products indicated in online shop - while stocks last - except saddlery order We take advantage of this sales period to thank the regular customers by proposing a special offer on the prices which we usually practise.

Happy new year...

HAPPY NEW YEAR !! In the term of one year rich in adventures, Gaston Mercier and his team thanks you for your loyalty and your trust. We wish you one year exalting and rich in discovery. We promise you a new year full of surprises and novelties! Wonderful year 2015 !!

24th International Equestrian Sword Festival in Qatar

The saddlery Gaston Mercier will be present with a stand on the occasion of the 24th International Festival of the Equestrian Sword from 19 until 26 February 2015. Join us at Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club 40th Anniversary!

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Je profite de la nouvelle mouture de notre site, pour donner plus d’éclairage à notre concept, qui préside depuis 25 ans sur tous les modèles de selles de notre gamme, étendue aujourd’hui à toutes les équitations. Extérieur, endurance, dressage, obstacle...