30 years later, Gaston Mercier revived the raid d’Artagnan !

30 years later, Gaston Mercier revived the raid d’Artagnan !

Raid d’Artagnan, 30 years later … From St Valéry-sur-Somme to Paris

In 1624, d’Artagnan had traveled 220 km from St-Valery-sur-Somme to Paris, changing 4 times of mounts and in less than 12 hours …

On October 3, 1987, faithful to the spirit of Alexandre Dumas and while scrupulously respecting the itinerary described by the novelist, Xavier Libbrecht republished the feat of the adventurer equipped with the very first saddle Gaston Mercier. It allowed the saddlery Gaston Mercier to confirm the quality, comfort and sturdiness of his saddles whose fame was just beginning. He finished the last leg between Pontoise and Paris with Mao, the European champion horse of Gaston Mercier.

This real feat, realized more than 350 years after the epic of d’Artagnan was a real human and sporting adventure. It has also been at the origin of a new form of endurance, promoted in particular by Hugues Auffray and Gaston Mercier, the Marathippo.

For the 30 years of this exceptional adventure, Xavier Libbrecht and the saddlery Gaston Mercier have decided to relaunch the challenge for October 2017 …

Video of the Raid d’Artagnan 2017

In 1987 the Raid d’Artagnan was covered by FR3 Rennes for the production of a short film broadcast on the “Sports Loisirs” program produced by Bernard Pero and co-produced by l’Éperon on October 25 at 3:50 pm FR3 team (images, Raymond Boudet, sound, Guy Mézières, editing, Marie-Claude Mourier) was led by Laurent Desprez