Claude Robin, French Champion of Endurance Major … in Gaston Mercier !!

Faithful for years to the saddlery Gaston Mercier, Claude Robin achieved a feat by winning for the second year in a row the Major French Championship in Monpazier with Sandro de Varneuil and Séverac!

To say that Claude Robin has a passion for horses is obvious!

Ten years ago, no one could have predicted that he could get back on a saddle, after the serious quad accident that nearly cost him his life. He managed to overcome the after-effects and I resumed training regardless of the weather.

Daniel Robin is 59 years old is an accomplished rider who lives in Sainte Alvère in Dordogne. He had up to 15 horses at home, very good endurance horses … The “Varneuil” which one bought by the UAE who won a 2 x130 km or others in France with a 2nd place in particular the 130 amateur of Monpazier in 2018.

Daniel Robin a horse man with a sacred character

He worked all his youth in trotters as a jockey at Rode in Saint Pierre de Chignac in Dordogne where he also won some trotting races. Daniel Robin is a real horse man, he has an extraordinary potential in the world of the racehorse by his experience and his feeling with the horses. His relatives say of him that he is a determined man, rigorous with “A sacred character! He knows where he is going and proves it with his results.

Daniel Robin, how was the race?

The race went very well, the horse was in excellent physical shape and very well prepared. I win the race with an average of 20.2 km / h with good recoveries between the loops and a very warrior horse on the field.

Tell us about your horse Sandro de Varneuil

This is half Arab blood, born in July 2006 at the property, our broodmare Honey, a palomino ONC, and Pigale, a PSA National Stud. Sandro de Varneuil is an exceptional horse with a big heart. Win the 2×70 and become champion of France for the second year in a row … What a huge joy and pride!

It’s a sporting and personal feat that I will never forget.

Are you a fan of the saddlery Gaston Mercier … Why?

My saddle, a Severac, helps my horse to have very regular pace and clears his shoulders which generates great comfort for both the horse and the rider. It is a very versatile saddle that gives real comfort and security to the rider. It is perfect for hiking and endurance, which I practice all year.


Claude Robin Champion de France Endurance Major 2018

Claude Robin in family on the podium with his three grandchildren – 12-year-old Allyson also a rider in endurance, 10-year-old Matis who also practices riding and Maïwen soon 6 years old.

All the Team Gaston Mercier thanks Marine Maxheim Malard for relaying and providing us with this information … and congratulates her for her 22nd place in scratch and 4th amateur on her Florac Gaston Mercier

Read the summary of his race on his FaceBook post