Constance Ménard is an international dressage rider, pre-selected Olympic in 2008.

Constance has always been a rider, she is the daughter of Jacques Henri Ménard, himself a professional dressage rider.

She started her own career twenty five years ago and specialized in dressage after practicing all equestrian disciplines. Since 2001, Constance has been a Grand Prix rider. She was part of the French Dressage Team. (7th at the European Dressage Championships in Hagen in 2005 and 7th at the World Equestrian Games in Aachen in 2006, European Championships in Turin in 2007, pre-selected Olympic 2008)

For many years, Constance managed and operated its own team in the Paris region. In 2005, she became a qualified instructor at the National School of Horse Riding in Saumur. In 2007 she was appointed federal expert by the FFE.
Constance trains riders in different stables in Europe (Geneva, Brussels) and teaches throughout the year, both in French and in English.

His teaching is based on:
– Traditional and academic riding
– The psychology of the horse
– The construction and physical strengthening of the horse: each horse can be optimized in his physical condition and ability
– The intelligence of the horse
– Muscular harmony
– The comfort of the horse and his rider
– Proprioception
– The happy athlete

His courses are not reserved for competition riders. They are also for riders who want to improve and improve their horse. Currently, many riders from Brittany to Touraine train each week with Constance Ménard with positive results in various championships.


Constance Ménard is also Official Dressage Judge in France.