CSO : Tests of the saddle D13 Gaston Mercier, with Solene Laot

CSO : Tests of the saddle D13 Gaston Mercier, with Solene Laot

The D13 to test with Solène Laot

Manuel Mercier went to the stables Jean-François Falco near Lyon, to try with Solene Laot and his mare Ultimate History the latest prototype out of the workshops, the new saddle D13.

The upholstery Gaston Mercier aims for excellence at all levels, both for the quality of the products we offer and their technicality. That’s why in each discipline, we pay attention to the advice and suggestions of the riders with whom we work to optimize the equipment we manufacture.

Selle D13 Solene Laot Manu Mercier

Photo©JL Perrier

We took advantage of this test session to interview Solène Laot.


Hello Solène Laot, who are you?

I am a trainer of DEJEPS CSO, Champion of Ain 2014 in Hunter Elite and 2015 in CSO Amateur 2.
The horses that I gave birth allowed me to obtain these titles and progress to GP 130.

I am constantly looking for ways to improve the comfort of my horses so that they can express their potential fully and freely, and they make me feel good thanks to their performance!


Solène, how did you discover the saddlery Gaston Mercier?

I held the saddlery “History of Horse” in Brest (29), from 2001 to 2007. In search of performance products for endurance, I became aware of your wide calipers and became a dealer of your brand.

Then 2 years ago, I saw Constance Menard with a dressage saddle Gaston Mercier. I immediately reacted because I knew the comfort of your saddles. She introduced me to your new range including your saddles for the jump.


Why did you turn to this brand?

Having big problems to sit down and still finding the saddles too hard, when I knew that you had models adapted to the jump, I did not hesitate to try them. After a conclusive saddle test thanks to comfort, I started to buy a D13.

Photo©JL Perrier

Have you noticed any changes in the attitude of your horses since using our saddles?

Oui, lors de l’essai, immédiatement, ma jument se déplaçait beaucoup mieux. Libérée des épaules, elle avait beaucoup plus de locomotion, et je me suis même demandé ce qui se passait, n’ayant pas tout de suite compris que c’était grâce au changement de selle.

Since then, she only had D13 on the back, she sprays the lap times on the laps

Moreover, being able to sit down without fear of pain, it is much easier for me to be relaxed in this position and thus to rebalance it without creating tension or pressure, we have gained in technique.
Since then, she had only D13 on the back, she sprays the lap times, chained the no-fault and rankings.


What type of Gaston Mercier hardware do you use?

I use the D13 monoquartier, the belly guard girth, the Chabraque saddle pad comfort line, stirrup leathers and leather care products.


What is your favorite Gaston Mercier? And why ?

My favorite Gaston Mercier is the D13 monoquartier, to combine the qualities of comfort, lightness, the concept of positioning back and shoulder clearance, versatility (outdoor, jumping, dressage, cross …). Finally a saddle with which I can ride as well as sitting in balance, and especially, adapted to my horses (shoulders released, back released, distribution of pressure …).


Is there a new Gaston Mercier equipment that you would like to try?

Yes, I dream of a saddle dressage, and if I let myself tempted, I would surely crack for the Doline II, which would motivate me and no longer give me an excuse to finally go out in CCE.

Thank you Solène and good luck for the future !!

CSO : Tests of the saddle D13 Gaston Mercier, with Solene Laot