Endurance of the Lévézou mountains 2018

Endurance of the Lévézou mountains 2018

The 2nd edition of the Endurance race of the Lévézou mountains will take place on the WE of 14/15 July 2018

The race is co-organized by the Multi-Rando Monts du Lévézou association, the Gaston Mercier saddlery and the Rouergue saddlery, it will take place at the Gaston Mercier saddlery.

The course

We prepare you an exceptional course in a magical setting as only the Lévézou can offer you !!
The route of the endurance race of the Lévézou Mountains, hilly and technical, will take riders to the heart of the valleys of Aveyron with a north loop in the valley Viaur and south another loop in the valley of the Muse passing through Puech del Pal, the highest point of Lévézou. The finish and start will be given on the track of the Mas de Vinaigre.

The Viaur Valley, a golden route between Tarn and Aveyron

The North-Valley loop of Viaur – is a regular profile with the ascent of the Puech du pal as the main difficulty. The whole loop is quite rolling, on large roads, with a very good sandy soil and / or grass.
Natural border between the departments of Tan and Aveyron, Viaur, with its steep banks, had always been an impassable barrier between the Albigensian and Rouergue. A river, of which no railway could follow the caprices, and that, except for a few mills, nothing could, for a long time, tear it from nature. By the two gigantic works that now straddle it, the junction of the two valleys as the reconciliation of the “black bellies of the Aveyron segala” with the “potato beetles” Tarn, who envied pretty girls and mushrooms, is now a good thing.
The culmination of Lévézou: the Puech del Pal
The Puech del Pal, also called Puech du Pal or Pic du Pal, is located in the town of Vézins-de-Lévézou in Aveyron, north-east of the Lévézou plateau, of which it constitutes the highest point, at 1,155 m above sea level. ‘altitude. From its summit, there is an immediate view of the Aveyron valley, then the Aubrac mountains to the north, the Causse du Larzac and the Pyrenees mountains to the south. The Viaur River has its source at an altitude of 1,090 meters not far from the hamlet of Laclau.

3D video of the two loops of the endurance of the Lévézou mountains.

North Loop – Video made by YouTube Channel “Baly and Capucine”

The Valley of the Muse The Puech of the pal Les Monts du Lévézou The Valley of the Viaur

The South loop – Valley of the Muse – is steeper. It descends in altitude and latitude by the valleys of the Muse and the Musette, and joins the plateau of Lévézou and the neighboring causse varying from an altitude of 900m to 600m.
The valley of the Muse, deep, secret and concealed, a true nature with breathtaking scenery with beautiful medieval villages such as Castelmus, Castelnau-Pégayrols and Marzials that hang like impregnable citadels. It is necessary to linger in these labyrinths of narrow lanes, at the foot of the castles and pregnant, to stroll there, to savor the air of time. Far off the flocks and their shepherd with whom to take the time to speak. Privilege of the curious rider who knows how to reach out and the ear …

The cards of the 2 loops

The race program

Saturday, July 14 – Young horses

20 km: Regional 4 years – 5 years – 6 years
40 km: Regional 5 years – 6 years
60 km: Regional 6 years
80 km: Regional 6 years

Sunday, July 15 – Club & Amateur

20 km: Club 2 & Amateur 4
40 km: Club 1 & Amateur 3
60 km: Club Elite GP & Amateur 2
80 km: imposed speed & free speed 1

Restoration and Animations

The restoration will be provided by our partner “La Ferme du Lévézou”.


A bar-restaurant area will be open during the 2 days of the event. Franck Josceran and his team at the Ferme du Lévézou will propose a permanent restoration, adapted to an endurance race and based on a discovery of local products typically Aveyronnais !! (breakfast formula, lunch and dinner formula, packed lunch, sandwiches, sweet, etc …)

Saturday evening, for July 14, we offer a Diner Bal Populaire at the saddlery Gaston Mercier.

Awards ceremony on Sunday 15th July

Official Partners of the Endurance of the Lévézou Mountains


Endurance partners of the Monts du Lévézou

Ferme equestre la franval

Organization Contacts

Association Multi Rando Monts de Lévézou

The Endurance of the Lévézou Mountains is organized by the Multi Rando Monts du Lévézou association

Contacts Multi-rando Association Monts du Lévézou
Nadine : 06331353 – Nathalie : 0623408993

Christophe Giraldi – Mob : +33 6 81 12 28 61

Race Organization
Manuel Mercier – Mob : +33 6 07 29 20 90

Franck Josceran : +33 6 75 74 99 94

Communication – Press – Partnerships
Christophe Bourdy : +33 6 99 39 17 17