The choice of a saddle can not be improvised. It’s a patient approach and … measured at the fairest.


We first engage in a dialogue with you to identify the most appropriate equipment for your body, your practice and your mount. Cavaliers ourselves, we understand at best your expectations and your questions. If necessary, we can move to your home and / or we can also send you a seat for a trial period.

Ideally, come test our saddles at Mas de Vinegar, our production site, with training tracks and boxes for your horse.

How is an appointment going to take the measurements of your horse?

Visit to a client in Switzerland where we filmed the intervention of Manuel Mercier. Horse back measurement, advice and diagnosis … these are the key words that made the reputation of our brand.



This other video made with Géraldine, commercial at the saddlery Gaston Mercier, will allow you to better understand the important points for the “Just Measurement” of your horse.

Comment nous ajustons votre selle ?

You will find on our page “HOW DO WE ADJUST YOUR SADDLE?” the list of information we need to adjust your saddle.

You can also contact our customer service if you want more details.