They are beautiful saddle pads Gaston Mercier … but not that !!

They are beautiful saddle pads Gaston Mercier … but not that !!

They are beautiful our saddle pads… but not that !!

Cheval Pratique has tested in its issue of May 2017, ammortizing, aerated and still many other quality


Cheval Pratique has tested saddle pads Gaston Mercier

In three decades, the Aveyron saddler, who has built a solid reputation in the world of endurance and outdoor riding, has developed, around his saddle models, a whole set of accessories: stirrup leathers, stirrups, saddlebags, girths and saddle pads.

Most of these accessories were designed and made on the experience of Gaston Mercier as a high endurance rider, with the contribution of some great champions of the discipline.

We tested two products: the saddle pad matching the shape of a saddle and the Chabraque, which is more covering.

We equipped an obstacle horse. Evidence that these products Gaston Mercier, endurance, prove to be an effective transversality !!
For the look, we like it or not – the writing is very shared – on the other hand, what seduced us unanimously is that the saddle pad installs well, finds its place, and does not move. No doubt his strap pass contributes to this stability. A criterion that has been noted all the more because, on the horse solicited for the test, saddle pads, whatever they are, tend to retreat.
The line is ergonomic and very set back from withers, which is undeniably a source of comfort for the horse, especially if his wither is salient. Well seen also, the preformed location at the level of the trunk, which avoids any contact on the kidney, where sometimes the hair is worn by a repeated rubbing of the saddle pad.

After a session on the flat rather rhythmic, and enamelled of some jumps on isolated obstacles, by removing the saddle pad, the horse had practically no trace of sweating. Although many saddle pads meet this criterion, it is also very light, like the Chabraque, though of great size.

One of the two singularities of this saddle pad is this slot which subtracts from the back line any kind of contact or more precisely moves it on both sides of the backbone. The other is that the inserts, whose shape resembles that of the saddle panels, are scratched pockets in which we can insert shims that play the role of integrated shock absorbers.

The saddler offers two options that regard the behavior of the saddle pad, do not seem really necessary. We have the choice between memory foam parts (40 euros per set), which bring comfort to the horse by being a distributor, or Noen dampers (65 euros per set), rather intended to give more comfort to rider.

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