“1000 Km à Cheval” on a saddle Gaston Mercier with Julie Raynaud and Bourgine on Equidia

“A good horse, a good saddle … I felt like I could ride a horse …”

Interview with Julie Raynaud, Cécile Foucher and Mathieu Parret of the Equidia production team, with … in “Guest-star”, Lorenzo “The Flying Rider” … for once, comfortably installed in a saddle … Gaston Mercier.

This beautiful story began at the beginning of the year, when Lauranne Billot, from Equidia’s production, contacted Manuel Mercier for a partnership on the set of season 2 of “1000 KM à Cheval”.

The nature of the project, “traveling” over 1000 km, in total adequacy with the saddles and the equipment manufactured by the saddlery, as well as the success of the season 1, immediately seduced Manuel who gave a very fast agreement in principle.

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