Line D’Bride… the bridle revisited by Gaston Mercier

Be respectful of the welfare of your horse.

It is by constraining it as little as possible that your horse will give you the best of himself. Our bridles release his first cervical excessive tension.

The shape of the head of our bridles allows a distribution of the contact surface, releasing the first cervical of all stresses and exaggerated tensions.

The halter bridle and the simple bridle are made of perforated leather and biothane. The ergonomic headboard and forehead lined with Jacquart 3D fabric provide a soft, soft touch.

The reins, 3 m long, also made of perforated leather and biothane, are offered with carabiner or buckles.

Perforated leather is a soft, breathable, grippy, aesthetic and colorful material
Biothane is a resistant material (500kg of traction), easy to maintain, light and with a grainy texture