Portrait : Saïd, Cutter Head of Gaston Mercier Saddlery

Portrait : Saïd, Cutter Head of Gaston Mercier Saddlery

Each month, Gaston Mercier Sellier presents a portrait that is close to his heart, beautiful stories, atypical adventures, encounters … And for this new year we have chosen to present the people who work in the Saddlery, our little hands, without whom nothing would be possible!

This month, discover the portrait of Saïd, our chief saddle cutter, better known as the Big Boss of cutting, he is the dean of the Gaston Mercier Team.


[Portrait in the form of a question/answer between Clémence (C.) and Saïd (S.)
C. Said, can you introduce us to your job?
S. My job consists of several tasks:
– I work in close collaboration with Manuel for the selection of leathers and the making of working tools.
– I ensure the follow-up and the realization of the planning that I am entrusted with every week.
– I check the leather as soon as it is received, from its quality to its color, everything is examined with a fine-tooth comb.
– And finally, the work of leather, cutting, marking, trimming are part of my main missions.
C. Why did you choose this profession?
S. Since I was a child, I have been immersed in this field, my father worked with leather and he was able to pass on his love for leather goods to me. Moreover this job has an interesting evolution perspective, I started as a beginner and evolved over the years.
C. How long have you been doing this job and how long have you been part of the saddlery?
S. I’ve been doing this job since I was 16 years old, I started in Morocco, in a leather shop for about 15 years, then I moved to France and I’ve been working for the Gaston Mercier Saddlery for 17 years.
C. What was your training to do this job and what led you to this type of position?
S. To do this job, I followed a leather goods training course. I headed towards this type of job because as I said above, I have had this passion for leather since I was young, it is a manual job, which I find rewarding and that is why I have been doing it for so many years.
C. Can you tell us the advantages and disadvantages of your job?
S. Some disadvantages are linked to my job but also to the leather trade, such as the fact that I have to stand up, it is a physical job that requires meticulousness, strength and great concentration despite the noise of some machines. On the plus side, the hours are not restrictive, the fact of being able to touch the raw material and work on it is a satisfaction, the teamwork to make the products is encouraging and finally we are always looking for innovation and perfection.
C. Do you love horses and do you practice horseback riding?
S. I don’t have any particular attraction for horses, I have of course already ridden a horse, even a camel, but I am not interested in it more than that…
C. How do you describe yourself in everyday life ?
S. In everyday life I am very family oriented, I am sociable but reserved.
C. If you could give one piece of advice to people who want to do the same job as you, what would it be?
S. I think that to do this job you have to be passionate about leather work and be patient because it’s a job that requires a lot of precision but if you like leather and manual work, then go for it!

Saïd seen by Gildas : ” I really like to work with Saïd because he knows his job by heart, he likes to transmit his knowledge and it is what makes the work with him pleasant. “