Rafale Blic and Jeanne Amourette… by Gaston Mercier !!

Rafale Blic and Jeanne Amourette… by Gaston Mercier !!

Endurance of the “Royal Windsor Horse Show” … beautiful 7th place of Jeanne Amourette

A few weeks ago, the Royal Windsor Horse Show was held in England, an international event that brought together jumping, driving, dressage and endurance competitions.

The highlight of the 120 km of endurance is the beautiful 7th place (and first French) of Jeanne Amourette. As at Fontainebleau where she finished 3rd, Jeanne rode Rafale Blic, Anglo Arab of 12 years, son of Oumzil Tobiha and Deltaplane belonging to Stéphane Blondel. She finished this race, won by Saeed Hamoud Saeed Al Khayari, just behind the Belgian rider Elisabeth Hardy.


Jeanne Amourette et Rafale Blic - Horse Performance FEI de Rafale Blic

Jeanne Amourette and Rafale Blic – Horse Performance FEI by Rafale Blic

We took the opportunity to ask Jeanne some questions about her race, her ambitions and her equipment choices.


Hello Jeanne, how was your race?

We coached the horse since the beginning of the season, for this deadline. We had a very good place at Fontainebleau at the end of 2016, since we finish 3rd at 20km / h average on the CEI **. We wondered about the legitimacy of participating in a race like Windsor, which is considered a very fast one, and a playground for the Gulf nations.

I asked several friends who have already participated, which reassured me, given the possibilities that could show Rafale. Once decided, it was necessary to train of course, but also to manage the DSV papers, the commitment (since there was a limited number of 8 places per nation), and the ferry. Many unusual situations for us.

The transport went well, we had a carpool with Elisabeth Hardy’s mare, which soothed the horses in the boat. Arriving, we were able to admire the security set up by our English neighbors, the respect of the rules, the setting up of the grooming etc …

Rafale has been true to himself

We aimed to get into the top 10. We found that a little ambitious … but why not us. I started in a small group of 6 horses, made up of Europeans, behind the leading group led by Bahrain and the UAE basically. We held this position all the way. Rafale has been faithful to himself: brave on the track, very good recoveries, and serene veto and grooming.

Between the leading pack, in which some horses have probably not assimilated the speed, and us, the gap of place has gradually decreased. So much so that we left 11th on the last loop with 3 riders who were very close.

We ran together, and at the last kilometer Rafale realized that it was time to take off, and we dropped another. He returned 7th at 22km / h average on the race.


How did Rafale Blic recover on arrival?

He recovered very well, the final veto exam was excellent and unanimous. Good recovery, A at the pace, no swell and especially no back pain.


And You ?

Personally, I was surprisingly flexible for the effort provided, my enemy on a race is speed, the faster you go and the more difficult it is to find your place! We galloped most of the time even though there were some slower passages.


What kind of equipment do you use?

We have a “fetish” racing equipment. The horse suffered a few years back problems that caused him to limp, because of a saddle that was not suitable for him. The reflection was long and its owner finally decided, after many tests, to buy a Florac from Gaston Mercier.

With my Florac 2.0, I use stirrups Bi-Relax carbon, for nothing in the world I would not take a departure without them

This saddle fits perfectly but is also suitable for all other horses breeding. I also use stirrups Bi-Relax, for nothing in the world I would take a departure without them.

I had the same equipment in Fontainebleau and also in Compiègne in 2015, during our 4th place on the CEI **. In fact, we are a bit superstitious, and we do not change a “winning equipment”!


Why Bi-Relax stirrups?

I bought my pair of Bi-Relax 3 and a half years ago when they previewed at the Salon du Cheval de Paris! At that time, from a certain distance, my joints hurt during and after the races: the ankles and knees essentially; but also under the soles of the feet, the single point of compression of the normal stirrups literally cut my foot in two!

I liked the concept of Bi-Relax, I tried, and I am unable today to run with anything else! I have no more pain, I position myself better during the race and I therefore suffer less muscle aches the following days.


What are your feelings on the Florac?

For me, the Florac is the versatile saddle par excellence. Today we see many “specialized” saddle models, that is to say, either sitting all the time, or the opposite.

The Florac allows both! We are very well seated, but we can also stand up. This allows to adapt to any form of racing on all types of horses, and especially not to get tired or tire his horse in a “mono position”. The lower legs do not travel, the seat is comfortable and the horse never presents back pain. The design of the Florac allows to really clear the shoulder thus giving a real freedom of movement to the horse.


What is your racing program?

I currently have another 12 year old horse who is already qualified on CEI ** and who is preparing for a 130km running of the summer, ideally Monpazier or why not Florac! For the moment, he is doing preparation races in the region, an excellent method to apprehend the big deadlines.

It is also possible for another horse to join the ranks to strengthen the team and try to do as well as the small Rafale, while the others grow up as two fillies of 3 years and 1 year are already preparing for the next generation, two more are planned for next year. The goal is to be part of the discipline in the long term and ideally with products from home.


“Thank you Jeanne and good luck for the rest of the season !!”