Sophie Robert Taymont, a fan of Gaston Mercier for over 20 years!

Sophie Robert Taymont, a fan of Gaston Mercier for over 20 years!

Its history with the Sellerie Gaston Mercier

Sophie Robert Taymont, an endurance rider and passionate breeder of purebred Arabian horses, discovered endurance in 1991, a bit by chance, by participating with her mare Ulla in a race organized near her home.


The beginning of the adventure

His passion for this new discipline, his regular training and the quality of his horse Sirocco Camard leads them to run on races increasingly important. She said to her father: “A good saddle of endurance can only be conceived by an endurance rider.” In 1996, Gaston Mercier welcomed the cavalry / horse couple for several days at the Mas de Vinaigre to make them THE saddle, with which they were crowned Youth Champions of France on 120 km the same year!


The longevity of Gaston Mercier saddles

In 1998, Sophie orders a Marathippo for her mare Ulla. A saddle she still uses today and which remains her favorite: “My old Marathippo molded for me!” After more than 20 years equipped with Gaston Mercier and thousands of km run, Sophie comments: “Never wounds, never burns …”
Testimony that particularly affects us when we know the record and riding of Sophie.
For example, she has validated nearly 3000 km of races with her horse star Aïnhoa Finally: “a great champion, a stallion on the record that few will be able to equal because he was able to” hold the distance “as much in terms of kilometers as of number of seasons “.

Sophie’s favorites

Currently, Sophie uses the Doline saddle with her young horses. The support provided by this saddle provides real security for the rider. With her experienced horses, she prefers the freedom of movement that one feels with the D13 or his dear Marathippo!
For accessories, Sophie uses the easy care Carpet Sympamousse, the Strap Comfort Line which bears so well its name, and the Straps Anatomical: “Freedom and comfort, the long distance stirrup leather par excellence!”

Sophie Robert Taymont, a fan of Gaston Mercier for over 20 years!

Sophie, for you, what is The Fair Equestrian Measure?

“Just Equestrian Measurement is when you reach a level of communication with your horse where only the weight of the body is enough.”

The entire Gaston Mercier team warmly thanks Sophie Robert Taymont and the Ecurie de Fontanelle for this feedback. We are proud to be represented by a rider of this quality.
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