The Academy of Popular Equestrian Art of Agen … A masterfully led academy by Guillaume Antoine, Danielle Monnet and Audrey Bach

The first Academy of Popular Equestrian Art opened its doors in September 2012 at Audrey Bach at the stables “Chevalons Ensemble” in Sauvagnas at the gates of Agen.

This first promotion took place over 3 years, for 3 days per term, with a group of 8 students of various levels, professionals and amateurs. The training is now under a new formula of a renewable year. Places are 8 participants per Academy.

The philosophy of the academy

Constantly conjugate an ethological approach and the principles of classic riding with respect for the horse at the center of the process. The pedagogy is built on an alternation of theoretical contributions and direct applications on the spot. The objectives are to make you reach yours in the respect of the horse, the safety and the shared comfort. Three permanent main axes of work

  • To assimilate the theory and the concepts, to observe and to work in freedom to acquire the skills necessary to the establishment of the relation man / horse
  • Work on foot, on the go to confirm behaviors and transform his relational knowledge into operational know-how,
  • Work mounted with application of the previous elements to the situation in saddle conjugated with the great equestrian classical principles.

The Academy of Popular Equestrian Art offers a training program on a Year. This training can be supported by VIVEA (for equestrian professionals) and is open to independent riders. The objectives of this training are to establish a relationship of shared comfort in complete safety for the teachers and the students, to establish a respect of the horses in their mode of communication in order to obtain horses attentive and released in the respect of Bio mechanics of the horse and its physical and psychic integrity.


Partnership between the Academy of Popular Equestrian Art of Agen and the saddlery Gaston Mercier

It is by comparing their respective philosophies that the Academy of Popular Equestrian Art and Gaston Mercier came to the conclusion that everyone in his field cultivated “the love of tradition at the same time as the cult of progress” all in “The Just Measure”.

A partnership is born, quite naturally …