The tree Gaston Mercier are made-to-measure composite Fiberglass or Carbon

They are the culmination of our daily research which thanks to the new technologies allow us to realize innovating and 100% made-to-measure tree which will perfectly marry the back of your horse like a second skin.

Our objective

Because it is at the same time the skeleton and heart of the saddle, the design of a pommel Gaston Mercier must be innovative and irreproachable to always position you closer to your horse and to be able to follow at best his movements.

The PLUS tree Gaston Mercier

  • Made-to-measure – For a perfect adaptation to the back of your horse, from the finest Thoroughbred to the biggest Percheron
  • Lightness – To lighten the back of your horse
  • Solidity – To resist the many efforts he will have to endure
  • Rigidity – This ensures the saddle structure
  • Flexibility – To ensure the best comfort of the horse and rider and ensure the technicality of the saddle
  • Adaptability – seat sizes from 16.5 to 19 inches and 3 seat recesses depending on the shape of your horse but also your own
  • Scalable – The ability to change the tree and reshape your saddle if you change your horse or if it changes morphology

The tree Gaston Mercier… a daily work for a permanent evolution