The life of your saddle also depends on its good maintenance.

1 – Clean the leather with glycerine soap

Apply on a wet sponge your glycerine soap (pure) starting with the most delicate parts (fine leather and color), seat and cleats. Rinse your sponge, repeat the same operation for the quarters, then clean the parts most in contact with the horse (padding, liners and straps) and let dry.

Plan regular cleaning after 2 or 3 uses and at least once a month.


2 – Nourish the leather with a moisturizing balm

Let it dry before using a moisturizing balm that nourishes and moisturizes the leather. Apply the balm with a soft cloth on all leather part of your saddle avoiding excessive use on the seat which could then be slippery.

Plan a regular feeding, once a month or more depending on the frequency of use of the saddle, the flexibility of the leather and the external conditions (rain, mud, sand, sun …)


Gaston Mercier leather care kit with natural & organic products

In partnership with Sama Cosmetics, a company from Aveyronnaise, we have developed a glycerinizing soap and a moisturizing balm. Both products are handcrafted and exclusively based on natural products, 90% of which comes from organic farming. These products are combined in a maintenance kit with a sponge and a glove made of natural sheep wool.

Leather Care Kit


Renovating Leather Soap


Care Leather Balm